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We are Sharing.

We are passionate about finding ways to share our findings and learning with others. Below, you will find a few examples of ways our group has developed tools and resources to help improve palliative care for not only Canadians, but for those all over the world. 


Development of The Change Guide

We studied successful palliative care teams and developed tools to guide others.  Across Canada, a number of communities developed teams that deliver quality palliative care in patients’ homes. They used innovative approaches to overcome existing barriers. Access to these community-based palliative care teams was found to reduce acute care use.

We determined how these teams developed and what exactly they did to care for patients in their homes.

We interviewed members of 15 diverse teams, totaling more than 120 providers. From this analysis, we developed the Change Guide and companion Workbook to help inform the development of new palliative care teams in other communities.

Our latest project is a podcast about how to hopeful and prepared when facing serious illness. Visit the website to listen to our breakout first season now. 

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The Work Book

To help planners, providers, and teams apply the Change Guide, we created a workbook for putting the tools into action.

The Change Guide

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We discuss the 7 common care practices and the 4 stages of development so other community teams can do it too.

Learn more about the 4 tools here:


7 Quality Commitments to Patients and Families


The common commitments teams made to improve care

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