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Patient, Caregiver and Provider Stories  
   We captured important perspectives of what’s essential, what’s often missing and how support can be better.

We talked to many family members who cared for a loved one through the dying journey.  Their stories are powerful, profound and poignant.  There are some similarities in the difficulties they encountered with the system, yet they each faced their own specific trials, tribulations and triumphs.

These videos of caregivers’ experiences are examples of when patients and families were fully supported and when they were not.

Caregiver Videos

Martina & Loren

Pat & Tom

Phyllis & Michael

Kim & Joe


Stories of  13 Caregiver Journeys in

End-of-Life Care

Experts Answer Frequently Asked Questions

We posed a number of questions to palliative care experts and champions to gather their insights about how to build and strengthen palliative programs.
This is what they said…      
Ask The Experts
We Sat Down With Palliative Care Specialists

*click on each question to read their responses*

I was desperate to help but didn't know where to go or what to do.

Begin with a small team of interested and committed experts with a common goal.


They went through everything with me, so I was ready and unafraid.

I know we’re doing a good job because ... the family physicians have developed the confidence to manage more of their less complex palliative care patients themselves.





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