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Palliative Care Research and Measurement

Many people with serious illness and their families don't get the support they need in the community.  

To better understand the current state of palliative care and inform the development of these services we need to examine the:

  • Home and community system, and

  • Experiences of dying patients and their caregivers

View our publications below to learn more about the kind of research projects we work on: 
Palliative Medicine

The development of specialized palliative care in the community: A qualitative study of the evolution of 15 team

Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

Does Increasing Home Care Nursing Reduce Emergency Department Visits at the End of Life?

Current Oncology

Temporal association between home nursing and hospital costs at end of life in three provinces

BMJ cover_edited

Impact of community based, specialist palliative care teams on hospitalisations

Am J Hosp and Pall Med

Palliative Care Experience in the last 3 years of life...

J Pain and Symptom Manage

Patient Characteristics Associated With Prognostic Awareness...

J Pall Med

A Review of the Essential Components of Quality Palliative Care in the Home...

BMJ support pall care

Common care practices among effective community-based ...

american geriatrics cover

Common components of efficacious in-home end-of-life care programs...

J of Palliative Medicine

The effect of community-based specialist palliative care teams...

British Med J - Open

What matters most for end-of-life care?

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